Assistance Dogs for Families of Children with Autism

We have been providing Assistance Dogs to families of children with Autism since 2005.  Our over 350 families have formed lasting and positive partnerships with our fully trained Assistance Dogs and we are now ready to welcome some future graduates.  Below is a link to our on-line application form, if you feel that an Assistance Dog would benefit your family please complete the form and we will contact you.

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our Assistance Dog Programme

Assistance Dog Programme

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Living with an Assistance Dog

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History of Assistance Dogs

The origins of Assistance Dogs in Irish Guide Dogs

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We are now in a position to offer our Assistance Dog Programme to Clients in 2016/17.

To learn more about the amazing difference an Assistance Dog makes to the family of a child with autism click here.


For more information and general queries, please call 021 487 8200 or click the button below.

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